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Unlock Your Mobile Phone or Tablet

Unlock your mobile phone or tablet for only $50

Have You been caught out ? Have you forgotten Your Google Login details? Did you buy a Phone or Tablet from a Online Auction or someone from Facebook and got home to find it is Google Locked. If you Do Not have the previous user’s Google ID & password, your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet will not activate during set up. Your device is now ‘bricked’ due to the dreaded Google Lock, aka FRP (Factory Reset Protection). We provide an efficient, fast & affordable FRP Unlock Google Lock Removal service.

The process is super-easy & super-quick – completed in just a few minutes. Google Lock Removal or FRP Unlock – it’s all the same thing & it’s what we do. The other problem with Samsung Android devices is blacklisted IMEI – the “Not Registered On The Network” problem. Google / FRP Unlocking does not address this issue, Blacklisted IMEI Repair is a whole other thing.

What’s your time worth? You can spend hours & hours viewing “100% Guaranteed” FRP Removal Videos on YouTube & still not find a solution. Google own YouTube so whenever a successful exploit is published, they patch it in the next security update. Phoneunlocksnz can definitely unlock your Google-locked Samsung – no more boring videos to watch & a sure solution in just a few minutes.


You will need:

  • Locked Galaxy Phone or Tablet
  • USB cable
  • Windows PC
  • Fast, stable internet connection

We will connect via secure Remote Desktop, We will then use our skills and within 2 minutes your Google Lock Removal & FRP Unlock will be done!

You can activate & start using your unlocked mobile phone immediately.